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Paul Johnson and Dr. Emily Bashah Featured in Medium Article


Paul Johnson and Dr. Emily Bashah were reference in an article by Medium.

The article discusses how empathy and active listening can help people engage in productive political conversations, leading to healing and unity. It suggests that people should focus on understanding the underlying emotions and experiences of those with differing opinions, and try to find common ground rather than focusing on differences. The article also emphasizes the importance of recognizing and addressing one's own biases and prejudices.

The article provides five steps for proactively healing the country by regaining a sense of agency. The steps include: knowing the truth by seeking out multiple sources of information, taking accountability for one's own thoughts and actions, prioritizing meaning over happiness, avoiding "safetyism" and cancel culture, and practicing love and connection even towards those with differing opinions. The article also offers specific actions people can take to implement these steps, such as listening to podcasts or reading books that inspire creativity and hope, engaging in dialogue with those we disagree with, and focusing on finding meaning rather than fleeting happiness.

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