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The Patriot Membership

Become a Patriot member and join our mission to promote optimism and agency in America. Your support is essential in helping us rekindle the American Spirit and spread our message of hope across the nation.

Ad-free content for uninterrupted, immersive entertainment without annoying interruptions.

Unleash a world of exclusive perks, free merchandise, and early releases.

Leave your mark on every video we create by having your name featured in the credits.


Producer Credits

Join our community and have your name or alias featured in the credits of all our videos, as a token of our appreciation for your incredible support. We are grateful for your contribution to our content and want to acknowledge your role in making it possible. So, come and be a part of our journey by leaving your mark on every video we create.

Exclusive Content

Don't just consume content – be a part of it! By becoming a Patriot Member, you'll become a valued affiliate of our community and gain access to perks, free merchandise, and early releases that are reserved only for our most dedicated fans. Join us today and experience the entertainment revolution!


Free Episodes

Stop letting annoying ads ruin your viewing experience and upgrade to our ad-free content! With no pesky interruptions or distractions, you can fully immerse yourself in the content you love and indulge in uninterrupted entertainment like never before.

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