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Book Club

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Book Club

Are you interested to expand your knowledge and discussing how to regain your sense of agency with brilliant individuals? Join our book club and engage in thoughtful discussions, watch interesting book reviews, and discover eye-opening books while expanding your knowledge and perspective on bettering yourself. Connect with us today to learn more and become a part of our community.

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Book of the Month


By Joel Trammell & Alicia Thrasher

Joel and Alicia have authored "The Manager's Playbook," an essential guide for navigating the transition to effective leadership. Drawing from their extensive experience, they emphasize the impact of strong management and leadership skills on both employees and companies. The book outlines five crucial skills, three tools for bosses, and proven strategies for various managerial responsibilities, making it a valuable resource for leaders at all levels.

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Meet the Authors

Joel Trammell

Joel Trammell, a seasoned CEO with over three decades of experience across technology startups and public companies, has successfully led startups to significant exits. Renowned for his CEO education initiatives, he's a sought-after speaker and contributor to top publications. Joel's multi-faceted career includes board positions, ownership of Texas CEO Magazine, and founding Texas CEO Ranch. He co-authored "The Manager’s Playbook" with Alicia Thrasher and now spearheads American CEO, providing in-person CEO training. Based in Austin, he enjoys family life and tennis during his leisure time.

Meet the Authors

Alicia Thrasher

Alicia Thrasher, CEO of Manager360, a leadership development company in Austin, Texas, and author of The Manager's Playbook, boasts over 20 years of management experience in IT and consulting. With a strong track record in executive roles for companies like eBay/PayPal, Google, and Anheuser-Busch, Alicia's expertise shines in effective people management. Holding a BBA in Management Information Systems, she also carries certifications in Project Management and Scrum Mastery, all while balancing the role of a mother to three teenage boys.


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Join our book club and learn how to reclaim your sense of agency with us. We will be releasing a book deep dive on the first of every month. 


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