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Parenting Lessons Learned from the Survivors of Genocide: Dr. Emily Bashah's Insights

Genocide Survivor


As the daughter of survivors who fled the horrors of persecution in Iraq, Dr. Emily Bashah offers invaluable insights into parenting, resilience, and the legacy of multigenerational trauma.

Lessons from Survival:

Dr. Bashah's parents escaped a regime that stripped Jewish minorities of their rights, possessions, and dignity. They faced persecution under Saddam Hussein's rule, but their determination to survive defined their journey. Their resilience against victimhood formed a legacy of strength and purpose.

Parenting Through Multigenerational Trauma:

Raising her 2-year-old daughter, Dr. Bashah contemplates the inheritance of multigenerational trauma. Alongside loss and pain, she recognizes the inherent strength, values, and life purpose embedded in the family's legacy.

Key Parenting Principles:

  1. Self-Framing Matters: Parents' self-perception influences their children. Avoiding a victim mindset is crucial; it can shape children's confidence and worldview.

  2. Gratitude and Joy: Demonstrating gratitude for one's history and fostering joy within oneself reflects positively on children. It cultivates a joyful environment where children feel cherished and valued.

  3. Space for Self-Discovery: Allowing children the freedom to explore their world and discover their identities is paramount. Parents should avoid imposing their aspirations on their children, fostering acceptance and individuality.

Encouragement to Parents:

Dr. Bashah's poignant reflections provide essential guidance for parents:

  • Cultivate Self-Perception: Parents' mindset shapes children's worldview; fostering resilience instead of victimhood is crucial.

  • Foster Gratitude and Joy: Demonstrating gratitude and joy around children enhances their emotional well-being and encourages a positive outlook on life.

  • Encourage Self-Discovery: Providing space for children to explore and define themselves fosters confidence and a sense of purpose.


Dr. Emily Bashah's upbringing and professional expertise offer a unique perspective on parenting through multigenerational trauma. Her insights emphasize the importance of framing, gratitude, joy, and allowing children the freedom to discover their identities.

By embracing resilience, gratitude, and providing an environment of self-discovery, parents can empower their children to navigate challenges with strength, purpose, and integrity.

Dr. Bashah's parenting principles resonate beyond the context of trauma, serving as pillars for nurturing emotionally resilient, confident, and self-assured children.

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