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🎙️ Discover the Revolutionary Approach to Democratic Reform in Arizona: A Must-Watch Podcast!

Open Primaries

Are you passionate about fair and inclusive elections? Do you believe in giving every voter a voice in shaping our democracy? If so, there's an unmissable podcast waiting for you.

Hosted by John Opdycke, "Open Primaries" recently welcomed a distinguished guest, former Phoenix Mayor Paul Johnson, on their show. Paul Johnson, a relentless advocate for open primaries and an independent voter himself, shares groundbreaking news about a transformative initiative: Save Democracy Arizona.

Paul Johnson has been at the forefront of a movement aiming to bring open primaries to Arizona since 2012. Despite facing numerous challenges from political adversaries, his dedication has never wavered. Now, he unveils an innovative plan designed specifically for Arizona. This initiative promises to democratize primaries, granting equal opportunity to independent voters alongside party affiliates, ultimately offering genuine choices for everyone.

The conversation delves into the flaws of the current primary system, focusing on low voter turnout and the exclusion of independent voters. It advocates for reforms that bridge divides and ensure representation for the majority. This podcast highlights the significance of engaging independents, fostering communication between Democrats and Republicans, and championing individual rights and freedoms.

Paul Johnson's insights underscore the power of collaboration among diverse groups working towards democratic reform. By enabling nonpartisan primaries and allowing independents to vote in party primaries, this initiative aims to boost voter participation and influence candidate behavior positively.

But that's not all; the podcast ends with a rallying cry to young voters, urging them to join this crucial campaign for democratic reform in Arizona.

This is your chance to witness an engaging dialogue that holds the key to shaping the future of democracy in Arizona. Tune in to the enlightening discussion between John Opdycke and Paul Johnson on Tuesday, December 12th, at 3pm ET. Don't miss this opportunity to be part of a movement that's reshaping the electoral landscape for the better!

Watch the podcast hosted by "Open Primaries" featuring Paul Johnson and discover the groundbreaking Save Democracy Arizona initiative. It's time to empower every voter and ensure a fairer, more inclusive democratic process for all.

Watch The Full Podcast Here!


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