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"No Labels" Unprecedented Plan in the 2024 Presidential Election

NBC News

No Labels, an organization aiming to form a third-party presidential unity ticket, is exploring the possibility of a "coalition government" if no candidate secures the required 270 Electoral College votes in the 2024 election. This strategy involves negotiating policy, Cabinet positions, or even the vice presidency to influence the outcome.

Ryan Clancy, No Labels' chief strategist, highlighted the potential for electors from states with "unbound electors" to be traded among candidates to reach the 270-vote threshold. However, laws in 33 states mandate electors to vote for the winning candidates.

Former Republican U.S. Rep. Tom Davis suggested that No Labels might broker a deal with major-party tickets, offering Cabinet positions or policy concessions. The group aims to place its ticket on all state ballots but emphasizes winning outright.

Additionally, Davis mentioned another unlikely scenario: a contingent election in the House if no candidate secures 270 votes. No Labels has examined state delegations that could potentially align with their ticket in such a scenario.

Although No Labels has yet to name candidates, they plan to offer their ballot line in spring 2024. Winning even one state could disrupt the 270-vote threshold, triggering these scenarios.

While the current House favors the Republican Party in 26 delegations, the decision would rest with the House elected in 2024, as clarified by Clancy. Notably, the House has previously decided elections directly in 1800 and 1824.

This initiative by No Labels echoes historical instances of unconventional electoral outcomes, with the last third-party candidate to secure Electoral College votes being George Wallace in 1968.

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