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"Are American Children Immune To Extremism? with Dr. Emily Bashah" on Playground Talks

Playground Talks with Dr. Bashah

The latest episode of "Playground Talks" featuring Dr. Emily Bashah dives into critical discussions on parenting, extremism, and addressing global tragedies with children. Hosted amidst the Hostages Crisis in Israel, the conversation unfolds with Dr. Bashah's insightful expertise. Together, they explore the significance of implementing restorative justice in handling sibling conflicts, ponder the immunity of American children to extremism, and provide guidance on discussing global tragedies with kids. Dr. Bashah, a licensed psychologist and author of "Addictive Ideologies," brings a wealth of experience as an expert witness in criminal, immigration, and civil courts, specializing in mental health, trauma, addiction, grief, and family dynamics.

The conversation, brimming with valuable insights, offers a nuanced perspective on pivotal parenting strategies and the potential vulnerabilities of young minds to extremism. Dr. Bashah's wealth of knowledge and experience provides a guiding light through complex topics, shedding light on proactive approaches to nurturing resilient and informed children in a world influenced by global events.

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If you're intrigued by the pressing issues of parenting in an era of global upheavals and the potential exposure of children to extremism, this podcast episode featuring Dr. Emily Bashah is a must-listen. Her expertise in psychology, coupled with her vast experience in various courts and high-profile cases, enriches this engaging conversation. Dive into this insightful dialogue on "Playground Talks" to gain invaluable perspectives on raising empathetic, informed, and resilient children in today's world.

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