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Elections should work for everyone.

Every eligible individual, irrespective of their political affiliation or lack thereof, should possess the equal right to partake in any election either as a voter or a candidate.

The Optimistic American proudly supports Save Democracy AZ, a coalition committed to educating voters about Arizona's current voting system and exploring alternative primary structures that can create a better electoral process for ALL Arizonans.


Join us today and be a part of the discussion that shapes a brighter future for our democracy!

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Let's Face the Truth:

Our electoral system is no longer a true reflection of the people it's meant to represent.

The Modern Myth of Representative Democracy

Embrace the passion for democracy in Arizona! Together, we can build a future where elections are inclusive, treating every voter with equality and respect, beyond party lines.

The current system is not working

It's time to break free from the shackles of partisanship that hinder progress and civility in our government at all levels. Let's unite to put an end to the divisive culture and work towards a future where the focus is on serving the people, not political parties.

We need an even playing field

Equality should reign in our electoral process, treating all candidates, including Independents, fairly and without bias. It is imperative that every qualified voter has the fundamental right to participate in all elections, ensuring a truly inclusive and democratic society.

Arizona has a tradition of open elections

Arizona's open election tradition thrives: Non-partisan elections in cities and towns pave the way for effective problem-solving and enjoy significantly higher approval ratings compared to Congress or the legislature.

Our Impact

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