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Reforming American Politics: Empowering Veterans for Political Innovation


In a thought-provoking podcast episode, host Paul Johnson engages in a candid conversation with two US Naval Academy graduates and military veterans, Eric Bronner and Chris Sylvester. Together, they shed light on the pressing need for political reform in America and the vital role veterans play in shaping a better political landscape.

The Current Partisan System and Veterans

The podcast begins with an introduction to Eric and Chris, both active members of Veterans for Political Innovation (VPI), an organization that aims to mobilize veterans for political reform at the state level. They discuss how the existing two-party system often excludes veterans and unaffiliated voters from meaningful participation in the political process. With 44% of Americans registered as unaffiliated voters, it's clear that veterans, who often hold a more patriotic view of the country, should have a stronger voice in shaping America's future.

Challenges Faced by Veterans in the Political Arena

Chris Sylvester shares his personal experience running for Congress as a Republican, only to discover that the party establishment was unwelcoming to any challenge against the incumbent. This experience highlights how the system is designed to protect incumbents, stifling new ideas and diversity of perspectives. Veterans who have taken an oath to the Constitution find themselves sidelined in a hyper-partisan environment where loyalty to a political party takes precedence over loyalty to the nation.

The Importance of Political Reforms

Eric and Chris emphasize the urgency of political reforms to reduce toxic hyper-partisanship and foster real competition in elections. Veterans for Political Innovation advocates for an open primary system, where all voters can choose any candidate, followed by a top-5 runoff general election. This approach has already proven successful in Alaska, enabling more inclusive and competitive elections. They also stress that empowering the individual voter over political parties is essential to creating a system that truly represents the people's interests.

The Path to Real Political Change

Eric introduces the concept of Final Five Voting, promoting a unified primary system and real competition for November elections. They discuss the challenges faced by existing politicians, where the majority are determined in the primary and never face opposition in the general election, granting excessive influence to special interests.

Putting Country Before Party

Drawing from their military background, Eric and Chris emphasize the importance of putting country before party and upholding the Constitution. They believe that true leadership involves empowering others, showing empathy, and seeking insights from different groups, rather than resorting to divisive and negative campaigning. A reformed political system can pave the way for this kind of leadership to flourish.


In closing, Paul Johnson shares a personal anecdote of his transformation from clashing with John McCain to becoming friends, once they were not defined solely by their partisan roles. This story underscores the significance of political reform in bridging divisions and fostering a healthier political environment.

The podcast episode highlights the critical role of veterans in shaping America's political landscape and emphasizes the need for reform to include their voices in the decision-making process. With organizations like Veterans for Political Innovation championing political change, there is hope for a more inclusive, competitive, and empathetic political system that places the interests of the nation above party lines. As we strive for a brighter future, it is vital to promote optimism and focus on the progress being made across various sectors in America. Together, we can create a better future for generations to come.

Hierarchy of Agency

Finding Meaning! Eric Bronner and Chris Sylvester are great examples of two Americans fighting for what they believe in! That gives them meaning! They both served in the United States Military and now they advocate for political reform through Veterans for Political Innovation. They have demonstrated their commitment to putting the Country before the party and are seeking to empower the individual voter and foster real competition in elections!

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