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The American World Order: The Quest For World Peace Through Democracy with General Wesley Clark

The American World Order: The Quest For World Peace Through Democracy with General Wesley Clark

In this episode of The Optimistic American, Paul Johnson sits down with Former NATO commander General Wesley Clark to discuss what we can do as Americans to have better conversations with one another. They break down what the Civility Leadership Institute is all about, the role of the US in keeping world peace, and how strengthening public accountability makes democracy work. Paul and Wesley start the conversation by breaking down the three main parts of a democracy - Leaders, Laws, and Institutions. According to Wesley, strong democracies are built on the culture of a people and what they believe to be right and just. Although the internet and social media have greatly boosted access to information, Americans are still struggling with effective communication online. Wesley believes everybody has the right to an opinion, and you, as an individual, have a responsibility to respect that opinion. Why do we need civil leadership education? Paul and Wesley agree that the main reason is that we are a country of diverse people with diverse opinions. Wesley goes through the similarities and differences between the Bosnian war, the American Civil war, and Russia's invasion of Ukraine. Wesley explains why the US still engages in other people's conflicts, even with all the issues plaguing the country right now. For Wesley, America's role in ending international conflict stems from the fact that we are a country that believes in the international order of law and a peaceful settlement of disputes. Paul reveals what impressed him the most during Wesley's presidential campaigns. The two main concerns about Putin's invasion of Ukraine are whether he'll use Nuclear weapons and how far he is willing to go after capturing Ukraine. Wesley and Paul discuss what Americans should expect from Putin and China's Xi Jinping - two world leaders openly against the American World Order. With everything happening in Ethiopia, Taiwan, and Ukraine, the world is looking at the US to show its strength and commitment to democracy. Paul believes the US cannot make democracy work around the world if we cannot make it work back home. Mentioned in This Episode: Wesley Clark's LinkedIn: Addictive Ideologies: Finding Meaning and Agency When Politics Fail You We are The Optimistic American, and we are in the business of promoting what is going right in our country. Every day, there is tremendous progress being made in America — across technology, public policy, science and medicine, and much more — that will set current and future generations up for success. Our goal is to highlight these advancements and tilt the scale of news and information from pessimism towards optimism. This interview reflects the best themes of The Optimistic American, that our best days lie ahead. You can listen to this episode on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or Google Podcasts! Spotify: Apple Podcasts: Google Podcasts: We post new content every week so make sure to subscribe, turn on notifications, and like our videos! Learn more about The Optimistic American by checking out our website!

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While the news media, politicians, both political parties and conspiracy theory groups are destabilizing America, we often lose sight of how we contribute to the hysteria as individuals, albeit unwittingly. In the process, we lose our ability to find optimism, opportunities, and meaning. Fortunately, it is still possible to learn from history and to regain one’s agency, self- empowerment, and life purpose.


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