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Let's Talk About Hope.

Join the movement that is changing the narrative and reclaiming a sense of hope and agency, through powerful interviews and inspiring stories.

The urgency of optimism.

Every day, there is tremendous progress being made in America — across technology, public policy, science and medicine, and much more — that will set current and future generations up for success. Our goal is to highlight these advancements, and tilt the scale of news and information from pessimism towards optimism.

We are The Optimistic American, and we are in the business of promoting what is going right in our country.

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While the news media, politicians, both political parties and conspiracy theory groups are destabilizing America, we often lose sight of how we contribute to the hysteria as individuals, albeit unwittingly. In the process, we lose our ability to find optimism, opportunities, and meaning. Fortunately, it is still possible to learn from history and to regain one’s agency, self- empowerment, and life purpose.

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