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Self-Reliance Is Important


Did you know that self-reliance is an essential trait for personal growth and success? Ralph Waldo Emerson's essay "Self-Reliance" outlines three examples of self-reliance: thinking independently, embracing individuality, and striving towards your own goals. Developing self-reliance has many benefits, including problem-solving skills, happiness, self-acceptance, and self-knowledge.

To help young people develop self-reliance, you can try these three activities: the "I am and I can" activity, which encourages children to identify their strengths and talents; the "Getting Organized" activity, which teaches children personal responsibility by creating a timetable for reaching goals; and the "Personal Mission Statement" activity, which encourages teenagers and older children to think about their values, interests, and aspirations.

Finally, the Self-Reliance Scale is a tool that can be used to assess whether school-age children require extra support for their emotional and behavioral functioning. Try these tips and activities to cultivate self-reliance in yourself and others!

Here are some key points:

  • Making decisions can be mentally exhausting and lead to poor decision-making.

  • Tips for conserving mental energy include automating decisions and delegating tasks.

  • Having clear goals and plans can combat decision fatigue and increase motivation.

  • Effective goals should be realistic and specific.

  • Breaking down goals into smaller tasks can make them more achievable.

  • Mindfulness techniques, such as meditation and deep breathing, can help reduce anxiety and improve decision-making.

  • Being mindful and present in the moment can reduce stress.

  • Taking breaks can help refresh the mind and reduce decision fatigue.

How does this fit in the Hierarchy of Agency?

LEVERAGE POWER! It is important to have self-resilience, intellectual growth, and personal responsibility. It is also important to have open communication and free speech. Remember to work hard, master your emotions, and take a long term view to achieve success.

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